29. July Ingvaldsen/Cremaschi/Chalupa/Wróblewski1

1. & 2. August with Prague Improvisation Orchestra

10. April Vernissage Concert in Gallery Ponava. Reidun Rose Vinda’s exhibition “Excellent set”. Jazzport

11. April. Work Shop Concert with students at Janáček Academy of Music. “Simply an unusual musical experience”. Jazzport

6. April. The Kitchen Orchestra in Stavanger Concert House.

NOCZ Quartet & Orstad Big Band play ZAPPA, 10. March – Ogna Scene

LABOR der Künste – Austria 29. December

Pocket Corner – Tour in Spain – June 2024

5 June: El Plata Club (Madrid)
6 June : Bilabaina Jazz Club (Bilbao)

7 June: La Casa Vieja (Albacete)
8 June: Jimmy Glass Jazz Club (Valencia)
9 June: Vic Bang Jazz Cava (Vic)

Since 2015, Pocket Corner has toured every year in Spain, with the exception of during the pandemic.

Pocket Corner is associated with Vector Sounds, which is a management – booking agency run by Pablo Correo. They provide all booking and marketing in Spain.

Petru Popa – keyboard, Glenn Brun Henriksen – saxophone, Ståle Birkeland – drums, Didrik Ingvaldsen – trumpet

NOCZ Quartet

10. Mars – Ogna Scenę, Norway

11 – 14. mars – Residency Paris

15. mars concert in Paris

17. & 18. March concerts in Praha, Acropolis

Since 2013, NOCZ has had extensive collaboration with Iva Bittova (Czech vocalist and violinist). The CD “NOCZ and Iva Bittova” came out in 2013 and has got excellent reviews in many international jazz magazines.

From 11 to 15 March 2024, NOCZ has a residency at the Paris-Czech Cultural Center that ends with a concert on March 15. in the Hall of Janáček.

On March 17. & 18. we play the same concert in Prague in the Palác Acropolis.

NOCZ Quartet:

Didrik Ingvaldsen – trumpet

Radim Hanousek – saxophones

Marian Friedl – double bass

Valentin Duit – drums

PMPO (Prague Music Performance Orchestra)

Is a Prague-based ensemble with the best of Czech Republic’s contemporary musicians.

I have played in this ensemble since 2021 under the direction of Swiss conductor Roland Dahinden.

In August 2023, the ensemble world premiered Anthony Braxton’s 6 -hour opera “Trillium X” In Prague, and then went to Darmstadt (D) to do a CD recording and concert.

In the period 18. – 24. March I will work with this ensemble for a concert in the Dox Artist Center in Prague.

This will be a double concert with the ensemble DITG (Dust in the Groove) which is a contemporary ensemble based in Brno (CZ)

I have played with DITG a number of times before, and will also play with them at this concert.

PMPO/DITG   18. – 23. March rehearsals in Praha.

24. March concert in Praha, Dox.